We offer a wide variety of accessories to suit your individual needs. Ranging from wireless accessories to maintenance tools.


Long lasting and high voltage hearing aid Batteries available in the following sizes:
1. Size 10
2. Size 13
3. Size 312
4. Size 675
Made from Varta, power one hearing aid Zinc air batteries are free of Mercury and manufactured in the world's largest and most up-to-date hearing aid battery plant in Ellwangen, Germany. Well known for its quality and reliability, they are extremely long lasting and comfortable.

Zinc air batteries are ideal for today's digital hearing aids due to its high energy density as well as an almost flat drain curve. This means that the hearing aid can perform at a consistent level throughout the lifetime of the battery. With a protective tab to keep the batteries in an inactive state, you can be sure that the batteries you get are in the best possible condition.

Wireless Remote Control

The remote controls come in various designs and functionalites, catering to users with different requirements. Most remote controls allow the users to change the volume or program of the hearing instruments with a simple press of button.



The Echarge functions as both the charger as well as a drying equipment. It recharges the batteries and also dries the hearing instrument at the same time, ensuring long term durability of the instruments. Its also save the users the trouble of replacing silica gel every time it gets saturated.




Drying Jar and Silica Gel

Silica gel can be put inside the drying jar and user will just have to put their hearing instruments into the jar every night before sleep to allow the silica gel to absorb moisture from the instruments. This will keep the instrument dry and prolong its shelf life.

Battery Tester

Allows the user to check the if the battery is still usable or has already drained out.



Air Blower

User can make use of this to get rid of dust or dirt that is on the surface of the instrument or ear mold. Also, after washing the ear mold (when applicable), it can also be used to blow out excessive water in the tube or mold.


Earmold Spray

This spray can be used to clean and disinfect earmolds.






Vanish is a new product for BTE and RIC/RITE receiver tubing and wire covers which dyes the hearing aid plumbing to provide an even more invisible, personalized match to the individual's skin colour.
Here at THSC, we understand the concerns of some customers regarding the visibility of their hearing aids receiver or tubing. Vanish provides an alternative for them to this problem. The visible recveiver or tubing can be customized to their individual skin tone.