Central Hearing Training

Everyone’s central auditory processing in the brain worsens significantly from forty years of age.

The good news is that the AudioFitness training program will help to improve the relevant brain functions, and the results are apparent.

This training grants everyone a way to regain and sustain a well working central auditory perception even in high age.


The AudioFitness program presents us with a clinically proven auditory training approach. The program firstly identifies deficiencies, before successfully targets and improves these vital brain functions quickly and in a fun way.

The basis for this approach is the universally applied Warnke® method which is found based on scientific concepts and is supported by a series of clinical studies.


Speech perception in noisy environments:

During this course, voices and background noise will melt into one another and will need to be differentiated from other auditory information and lastly be converted to coherent speech.

This is just one illustration of a brain function which requires and can be trained with this approach.


Levels of language proficiency

This chart is based on a theory by M.PTOK. It shows how language proficiency progress from the bottom – the ‘Low Level Functions’.


As we can see from the hierarchy chart, if there is a deficit in 1 or more low level functions:

  • Serious impairment to the functions above
  • The need to come up with – mostly ineffective – actions to compensate

Even adults compensate current low-level deficits to a certain extent, however if there are too many of them, the compensation method are of no help anymore.