Children with learning difficulties

10 – 15% of the children attending school face serious difficulties in school despite having a normal or sometimes high intelligence level.

A large number of these children are diagnosed with one or more learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, etc.


Hence the better solution will be to deal with the cause – automate low level functions!

These children can see an improvement in their situation promptly in a fun way.

This was backed up by a clinical study done by Prof.Dr.Tewes from the Medical University of Hanover Germany.

Research has proven that difficulties in learning and basic functions with regards to time, frequency resolution in hearing, seeing and motor skills are related.


Special training improves children’s ability to spell.

These children can see an improvement in their situation promptly in a fun way as well.

A training of basic functions that lasts 4 months has led to significantly improved skills in reading and writing. “Brain-Boy Universal” is a small device which is a crucial part of the Warnke-method.

By engaging the children in games, they can improve 7 basic functions concerning time, frequency resolution in hearing, seeing and motor skills. As a result, dyslexia is being reduced “from the bottom up”.


Results of the study in Thuringia (supervised by Prof.Dr.Tewes)

3 groups consisting of 14 dyslexia children each took part in the study.

The children in Group A underwent specially customised lessons using the latest pedagogic information for dyslexics. After the lessons, the number of mistakes made in writing is reduced by 6.3%.


As for the children in Group B, they only went through training sessions with the Brain-Boy® Universal. The reduction of mistakes after the sessions is 18.9%.

Lastly, Group C did training sessions with both Brain-Boy® Universal and lateral-training. As a result, this led to a reduction of mistakes by 42.6%.


Empirical proof – Conquering dyslexia

This is the first time which study has been done to show that this way of training (Warnke-method) does not just improve the central processing of perceptions, it also leads to an improvement in both reading and writing skills too.

Since then, it has been largely used by many families, therapists and teachers.