DT 20

Great sound in a small package.

The new digital Micro Receiver DT20 is here !

We call it the Comfort Digisystem Micro Receiver DT20. Plug this small and discreet mini receiver into your hearing aid via an audio shoe, and the Comfort Digisystem reduces background noise, scraping and humming. And you will be able to hear a lot more of what you need to.


By simply using one of the Comfort Digisystem microphones and DT20, you will experience much more of the personality, tone and emotion in a conversation – things that matter just as much as the words themselves. The two reception sensitivity modes on the DT20 make it possible to always find a perfect listening match. Transmission is steady and works at long range (up to 100 ft).

With the DT20 you achieve the incredible speech intelligibility of Comfort Digisystem. The sound is groundbreakingly crystal clear, digitally transmitted to your hearing aid and fed into your ear through the mini receiver.


The Soft Mute feature

The soft mute feature is totally unique and makes listening easier. Normally, when transmission between mini receiver and microphone drops out, the sound is cut off and replaced by distracting noise. The Soft Mute Feature fades the sound down to silent and the second contact is established again, sound fades in. This makes it easier to concentrate and gives a far more pleasant listening experience.


Plug and play programming

We have also developed a completely new easy-to-use programming unit for the DT20. With the programmer, the audiologist makes individual adjustments and settings to find the optimal sound performance within the space of a few minutes.



  • Conversations.
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • In the car
  • Phone calls
  • Watch TV
  • Technical facts


    Small size


    Weight approx. 0.035 oz

    Comfortable to wear

    Battery consumption 3.2 mA

    Power rarely drops, fewer worries for the user

    Receiving distance up to 100 ft

    Freedom, less limitations

    Audio bandwith: 100-7000Hz

    Access to more speech sounds.Speech is more natural presented.

    Volume change in 1 dB step

    Easier to find the appropriatevolume level

    Dynamic range: 60dB

    Speech without compression. More natural presented.

    Increased radio performance

    Stabile, not sensitive to interference

    No startup delay

    Works instantly

    Soft mute

    Comfortable to listen

    Low/high sensitivity

    Adjustable with more hearing aids