Hearing Aid Selection and Fitting

After a hearing loss has been detected the question comes up what hearing instrument is the most appropriate. Certainly a hearing instrument should be powerful enough to compensate for the hearing loss. However, looking at the audiometric data is only one facet of the complex problem of hearing loss. Other factors bear at least the same importance. This can be the cosmetic aspect.

Shall the instrument be very small so it hides inside the ear canal or is it ok to have a Hearing Instrument which is located behind the ear? Functionality is a crucial aspect for hearing impaired who lead an active live. What and how many different situations the Hearing Instrument will be used for?

The more functionality available in a Hearing Instrument the more listening situations the user will be capable to cope with. How is the hearing instrument connected to the ear canal to bring the sounds close to the ear drum? These and many more questions and requirements can only be found out during an individual counseling session.

The Hearing Instrument selection follows the Hearing Instrument fitting. The first step in such a fitting is to use the data obtained by means of audiometric evaluation. This is done by means of a Hearing Instrument Analyzer and Real Ear Measurement. However, each person is an individual and perceives sounds differently. A satisfying fitting result can be only achieved by combining objective measurements with successful communication between fitter and Hearing Instrument user to do the appropriate adjustment steps.

In order to ensure good quality fitting results and communication The Hearing Solution Group uses standardized Selection & Fitting Protocols.

After the Hearing Instrument is fitted initially still regular re-fittings are required as user preferences change and an acclimatization process continues.

Sometimes, however, Hearing Instruments may not provide sufficient benefit and communication barriers like distance, noise and echo remain. In such a situation Additional Listen Devices (ADL) as FM System can overcome these barriers. The tremendous benefits of FM System can be easily experienced in all of The Hearing Solution Group shops.