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About Hearing Training AT-3000 Auditory Trainer

Hearing Training (Why Hearing Aids often are not enough)

Hearing doesn't just happen in the ears, but more so in-between the ears, in the auditory centres of the brain. Whereas the ears work automatically without us being able to influence them, hearing in the brain is an acquired/learned ability. We acquire this ability as children, and our skill at hearing improves steadily until we are in our 20s-30s, after which it often gradually decreases again.

Our brains ability to process sounds depends on a continuous stream of information coming from our ears feeding the brain with information and thus teaching, training and maintaining its ability to process sound information fast and accurately.

This is essential to your ability to understand language clearly and effortlessly in quiet and noisy stations.

Healthy ears are able to process sounds from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. As we age we often lose the ability to process this vast spectrum of sounds.

The less good our ears work, the less information they send to our brain's auditory centres which in turn, being deprived of the necessary input, loses its ability to process sounds as fast and accurately as necessary.

The longer such a situation prevails the worse the brains ability to process sounds fast and accurate becomes, resulting in problems to understand language clearly, especially in noise.

Hearing aids are largely able to compensate for Hearing Loss of the ears, but they cannot directly improve the brains ability to process sounds.

Fortunately the Audio Fitness training with the help of the AT-3000 Audio Trainer helps you to regain/gain the brains ability to process sounds fast and accurately.

With the help of 8 easy to learn task and with just 15 – 20 minutes of daily practice Audio Fitness will enable you to regain/gain your ability to hear more clearly and understand speech better in quiet as well as noisy environments.