HiRes 90k Implant

Disclaimer Info: Information on this page courtesy of Advanced Bionics

Most advanced sound processing circuitry in the world, the HiRes 90KTM implant family allows you or your child to benefit from tomorrow’s technology with today’s implant. The sophisticated design of all implants in the HiRes 90K family provides unsurpassed programming flexibility, nearly unlimited ways to deliver sound, the industry’s highest case impact resistance, and full upgradeability for access to tomorrow’s innovations without surgery



HiRes 90K Implant Family Features

  • Circuitry provides nearly unlimited ways to deliver stimulation - for future technology not invented yet
  • The only device with 16 independent current sources that facilitates current steering, a breakthrough in sound processing technology that increase the number of pitches to be heard up to 120
  • Low-profile design conforms to the shape of the head
  • Removable magnet for MRI compatibility. MRI safe for scans at 0.3T and and 1.5T with the magnet removed
  • The industry’s highest case impact resistance; able to withstand 6 joules
  • High-precision gold coil for the industry’s fastest stimulation rate of 83,000pps to deliver more accurate timing of sound

Future Ready Technology

The chip used in Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implants is so powerful that it is currently functioning at only 25% of its capacity. With 75% of capacity untapped and ready for future technology, you can look forward to future upgrades without surgery!