Platinum Sound Processor

Cochlear Implants

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Platinum Sound ProcessorTM

Pager-Style Processor

When you don´t want something on your ear

An important option for cochlear implant users is a body-worn processor option. Some people prefer wearing their processor on their belt instead of on their ear—it's all about preference. In the cases of very young children, or those with special needs or dexterity limitations, the pager-style processor option is extremely useful. Your audiologist will help you configure the system that best meets your needs.

The Platinum Sound Processor is a small body-worn processor, preferred by parents of some very young children who may not be large enough to wear even the ultra-light HiRes Auria with PowerPak. Many adults like its discreet design, which lets you wear only a headpiece on your head and a cable to the processor — nothing on the ear at all.

The PowerCel Slim provides a full work- or school-day of reliable rechargeable power, lasting on average 14 hours. The PowerCel Plus provides an average of 24 hours of extended use.

The Platinum Sound Processor comes with custom accessories that enable you or your child to get the most out of this durable technology. The Platinum Sound Processor is powered by exclusive rechargeable or AA batteries.

Technical Specifications

  • Hearing Just for You: Programmable sound processing programs that optimize your individual hearing needs.
  • HiRes S, HiRes P, CIS, SAS and MPS
  • Delivering HiResolutionTM Sound: The fastest stimulation rates available
  • Up to 83,000 signals to the hearing nerve every second
  • From a Whisper to a Shout: Capturing the real world environment from soft sounds to loud sounds, as they naturally occur around you
  • The only fully programmable sound window up to 80 dB
  • A sophisticated automatic gain control (AGC) for optimizing the sound environment
  • Processing in HiResolution: 5,200 Hz signal processing resolution intended to accurately reproduce complex acoustic waveforms, preserving the details of sound
    • Provides you with up to three sound processing programs
    • Separate volume and sensitivity controls
  • Custom Rechargeable Battery Technology is environmentally friendly, easy to use and low in cost
  • Interchangeable Color Caps and Decals enable kids and kids at heart to change their headpiece color
  • Easy-to-See and Easy-to-Use Controls
  • Programmable Pediatric Alarm: tells parents and teachers when the battery needs replacement or if the headpiece is taken off

Cochlear Implants

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