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Industry Leadership

Advanced Bionics is committed to the continual development and improvement of high-quality products that deliver the best possible hearing performance in all listening environments. Working with Phonak under the Sonova Group, AB is uniquely positioned to deliver future innovations that will continue to lead the industry.


As part of our mission to put patients first and safeguard their well-being, AB's incredibly responsive Quality Assurance System ensures high product reliability, swiftly identifies any potential product issue, and employs remedial corrective actions irrespective of the impact on its business.


Trust, responsibility, and transparency have remained hallmarks of AB's communications with patients and professionals over its 19-year history. AB's reliability reporting is another example of its steadfast dedication to providing the industry with clear and accurate information.


High Implant Reliability and Truth in Reporting

AB cochlear implants that are implanted today demonstrate high reliability with a 99.8% one-year cumulative survival rate (CSR) measured as dictated by the international standard.1 AB adheres to the most conservative interpretation of the industry reliability standard, counting all devices removed for nonmedical reasons as failures according to global consensus.2,3 AB's CSR includes all failures,4,5 in situ failures, and electrode issues that other manufacturers may exclude in their reporting. AB also provides a Failure Analysis Report for every explanted device clearly indicating whether the device is counted against the CSR.


Only AB's Advanced Implant Offers:

  • Built Kid Tough durable, lightweight titanium case that can withstand impact
  • 16 independent current sources for the most flexible stimulus delivery
  • The most fine timing information with 83,000 pps
  • Most spectral resolution with up to 120 spectral bands
  • Soft, flexible HiFocus electrodes for neural targeting
  • Intellilink safety feature to match implants to processors
  • Untapped potential for future advancements in technology


High Processor Reliability and Transparency in Reporting

Built to survive real-world conditions, Advanced Bionics sound processors are known industry-wide for low return rates setting the benchmark for external reliability. AB publishes sound processor reliability data consistent with its policy to report Total System Reliability fully and transparently.


Sound Processor Reliability7


Processor  Type

Return Rate


Harmony Behind-the-Ear


5.5 years

Platinum Series Body-Worn


7.0 years


Neptune The Newest Innovation from AB

Across the industry, the Neptune sound processor continues to make a big splash with patients and professionals as the world's first and only swimmable sound processor. Also the industry's first freestyle design, the Neptune processor is designed for all ages, lifestyles, activities, weather and terrain. New to the market, Neptune has been developed under the Quality Assurance System to the same standards of durability for which AB is known. AB will publish a reliability update on Neptune when available.

This reliability figures (implant and external components combined) are far beyond any other competitor in the market today

Product Offering