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Bernafon - Innovative Hearing Solutions from Switzerland

Bernafon's mission is to help people to hear and communicate better. Sophistication in engineering and the endless effort to improve knowledge has lifted Bernafon up into a leading position in Hearing Aid manufacturing.

Bernafon offers the full range of digital hearing solutions. Starting from the entry-level all the way up to the Premium Level, Bernafon always has the appropriate solution for you.


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NuEar - Hear Your Life The Way It's Meant To Be Heard

NuEar, a brand of Starkey is an American-owned company based in Eden Prairie, MN. We have been a consistent leader in state-of-the-art digital hearing instruments since 1976. Backed by decades of acoustical research and evidence-based designed technologies, our primary goal is to provide the finest hearing instruments that deliver the most significant benefit in hearing improvement and understanding



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Siemens Audiology Solutions contributes to the quality of life of hearing impaired individuals by providing solutions for better hearing and understanding.

Combining internal know-how and experience from more than 130 years and in close co-operation with universities, clinics, and hearing centers, we develop and produce innovative hearing aids to the utmost perfection. Virtually invisible in the ear canal or discreetly hidden behind the ear, users can communicate freely and participate in work or social life. With the most patent applications in the industry, Siemens will be well-equipped for years to come.