Built on AB's proprietary HiRes Fidelity 120 technology, ClearVoice has been designed to automatically analyze and adapt to each listening situation that you encounter throughout the day, separating the distracting noises from what you want to hear most speech.

This sophisticated technology has been developed to help you communicate clearly and easily in challenging listening situations, including restaurants, cars and classrooms without making adjustments to your sound processor.

ClearVoice provides you with the unique opportunity to converse more effortlessly in noisy settings, understand your favourite song lyrics, enjoy the world around you, and hear your best at any moment and any place your day takes you.

*Hearing In Noise Test

- Children with ClearVoice strategy showed significant improvement in noise scores as compared to control strategy


HiRes Fidelity 120 Sound Processing

The only strategy that can implement simultaneous current steering to deliver the dimensions of music (loudness, pitch, timing) for a full musical experience.

HiRes Fidelity 120 has been developed to deliver five times more sound resolution using its 120 spectral bands. Only unique sound strategy available in the industry that reveals all the dimensions of sound, from the rich layer of music to the subtle nuances of tone during a conversation.

The Industry's Highest Resolution

It's All in the Details

Only the Harmony HiResolution Bionic Ear System from AB offers HiRes 120, deliverying five times more resolution than any other cochlear implant system. The higher the resolution, the more details of sound you hear. With the addition of ClearVoice to HiRes 120, AB introduces another breakthrough in hearing performance for you or your child.

Unmatched Capability

The HiRes 90K is the most versatile, flexible and sophisticated cochlear implant technology available today. It is able to handle 90,000 information updates coming from the Sound Processor per second, and delivers information at a speed of 83,000 stimulations per second the highest speed in the cochlear implant field. It has the processing capacity to accept tomorrow's innovations without surgery.

HiResolution Sound

The Four Steps of Sound Processing Capturing the sound environment Listeners with normal hearing perceive a wide range of sound levels over a broad range of frequencies.

HiResolution captures the most complete range of sounds and the Automatic Gain Control enables the cochlear implant user to hear speakers talking at different levels at varying distances.

All this is done with minimal need to adjust any sound processor controls.

Composing the full spectrum

The natural environment is made up of many complex sounds. Some cochlear implant systems are only able to represent certain sounds as it has a limited spectrum.

HiResolution is designed to preserve the broad spectrum of sounds to improve listening abilities in different situations and to enhance music appreciation.

As a sound passes through a cochlear implant system the effect of capture, composing, detailing and delivery are combined: the high quality system producing a far superior result.

With Harmony, Sound Quality begins with the microphone, placed at the right place - at the entrance of the ear, and ends with high quality, high resolution delivery to the auditory nerve.HiRes Sound has been developed to provide a richer and more accurate representation of sound than previous implant technology could deliver.

Detailing sound

Conventional low-resolution strategies may be sufficient to perceive speech in a quiet place but falls shorts in a more difficult listening environment such as in the restaurants or when using the telephone. This is because the low resolution strategies often discard away the fine time details, degrading the perceived sound.

HiResolution offers 10 to 20 times greater sound detail than low-resolution delivery.This is intended to preserve the fine detail of complex sounds and enable the delivery of a more accurate representation of the acoustic environment.

Delivering sound to the hearing nerve

Speed and accuracy in delivering information to the hearing nerve is as important as the sound processing resolution.

Fast and accurate stimulation is key to approximating normal hearing nerve patterns and transferring the detail of complex sounds.

HiResolution is designed to deliver the fastest rates and the best stimulation placements to the hearing nerve to preserve the captured, composed and detailed sound information.

Conventional processingvs Active current steering

Conventional processing

When current is delivered only to the left electrode the neurons close to it tend to be stimulated When half the current is delivered to each electrode, the locus of the electrical field is midway between the electrode and the neurons here tend to be stimulated

As the proportion of current shifts to the right electrode so does the zone of neurons which tend to be excited

Active Current Steering

The current steering technique is similar to the balanceŁ feature of a hi-fi stereo system that shifts the sound image from left to right by simultaneously varying the volume between the two loudspeakers.

Active current steering is made possible in the HiRes 90K implant because each electrode has its own separate power sources thereby allowing current to be delivered simultaneously to pairs of electrodes.

Theoretically, with fine control over the proportion of the current delivered to each electrode of the pair, the locus of stimulation is steeredŁ between the two electrodes. Thus additional discrete electrode contacts are created.

HiRes 120 generates 8 stimulation sites between each electrode pair. 15 electrode pairs create a potential of 120 stimulation sites.



In real-world settings, environmental sound changes from noisy to quiet in seconds. Unlike sound processing from other manufacturers that require constant adjustments, AB's AutoSound technology adapts dynamically and continuously to every environment, allowing you to hear your hear best no matter where you are. Thus, when sound levels change, AutoSound automatically adjusts the sound level just like a normal-hearing ear.

Hearing in noise represents a challenge for everyone, even more so for those with cochlear implants. That's why AutoSound was developed; to adapt dynamically to every environment, allowing you to hear your best no matter where your busy life takes you ; From home to office to a crowded classroom.

One of the greatest pleasures of hearing is listening to music. But listening to music can be a real challenge for cochlear implant recipients. AB's AutoSound makes listening to music effortless by automatically capturing and delivering the softest and loudest sounds, so you don't miss a note, from a quiet ballad to a rocking classic. Just sit back and listen while AutoSound makes the most out of music.


T-Mic Microphone

T-Mic is patented by AB, and is the only company that utilizes this strategic placement of the microphone. Utilizing the outer ear's natural sound-gathering abilities, it provides highly focused hearing, enhancing directional hearing and added convenience when using cell phones, MP3 players other consumer electronic products.


The T-Mic uniquely fits in the ear canal opening to take advantage of the pinna's natural beam-forming properties.The result is better, more effortless hearing for your child or you in noise.

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