The Hearing Solution Company

Being independent, not owned by any Hearing Device manufacturer, allows us to provide a wide selection of hearing aids from different manufacturers.

We take great care to ensure, that you always get the best Hearing Aids with the most advanced technology at the best value for money.

Among our trusted Suppliers for Hearing Aids in Malaysia are NuEar (USA), Bernafon (Switzerland) and Siemens (Germany).

Most of these brands are distributed by The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd in Malysia, and are exclusively available in its outlets.

Our Mission

Helping our Clients to hear better, by guiding them to select the most suitable Hearing Solution based on their individual hearing, expectations and lifestyle and insuring their long-term satisfaction

Our Vision

Making Quality Hearing Healthcare available and accessible to all segments of society in South East Asia.

Recently more and more attention is given to central/neural aspects of hearing, and latest research clearly shows, that most people with a hearing loss also suffer from reduced central auditory processing capabilities.

Luckily regardless of age or degree of hearing difficulty, these central auditory capabilities can be trained and retrained.

The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd is the only establishment in Malaysia who offers such training.

Another very common problem is Tinnitus (ringing in the ears). The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd is the distributor of Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, the only FDA approved and clinically proven method to successfully reduce tinnitus.

In Malaysia, this treatment is exclusively available at The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd.

For clients who cannot benefit from Hearing Aids anymore due to the severity of their Hearing loss, we provide Advanced Bionic Cochlear Implants.

Advanced Bionics is the manufacturer with today's most technologically advanced system, the 120 channel HiRes90k, Cochlear Implant.

The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd is the exclusive distributor of Advanced Bionics in Malaysia.

All our staff is trained and qualified to attend to all your testing and hearing needs.