24 Oct 2014Hew Kiang Hoe

Hew Kiang Hoe


General Manager,

The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd

76 Jalan Tun Sambathan, Brickfield,


Dear Mr Koh Soon Heng,

Some two years ago, I went to your "The Hearing Solution" for treatment.

Your trained lady consultant put me through some tests and finally referred me to Dr Khor Hon Kheng, in Jalan Pudu for the final treatment.

I am glad to say that I am now 100% well in Hearing.

Thank you

Hew Kiang Hoe

24 Oct 2014

17 Aug 2012Hong Wan Ting(Kuala Lumpur)

Hong Wan Ying at Hong Wan Ting, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur 17 Aug 2012

I am a former teacher and I am active in charity work in a worldwide organization. Attending seminars and meetings seemed pointless as I was unable to participate fully due to my hearing loss. People inevitably had to speak louder through the phone and repeat themselves countless times, unless they speak directly to my better ear.

My hearing loss problem was a big hindrance in my life and so I decided to go for a checkup at University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM). The ENT specialist suggested that I wear a hearing aid and recommended me to The Hearing Solution Company (THSC).

I am extremely confident with THSC’s staff as they are all university graduates. They were very detailed in their explanation and are very caring. Thanks to THSC, communication is no longer a problem for me and my relationship with my family and friends has improved ever since

"To those with hearing loss, do not be afraid to wear a hearing aid. THSC’s hearing aids come in a variety of designs and sizes to address your hearing needs and to suit you according to your own lifestyle." - Hong Wan Ting(Kuala Lumpur)

Hong Wan Ting(Kuala Lumpur)

17 Aug 2012

21 Jul 2012Rani Retnam(Selangor)

Rani Retnam, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 21 July 2012

I am the Vice President of the Evergreen Senior Citizen Club (ESCC) and the Assistant Treasurer of the Malaysian Ceylonese Congress (MCC). The Hearing Solution Company (THSC) conducted an event in Petaling Jaya, providing free hearing screening and a talk on hearing care for senior citizens from ESCC.

As the Vice President of ESCC, I took the initiative to undergo a hearing screening as well. Although I have no hearing loss problem, it was a great experience and I personally went to THSC branch in KL to pay a visit. THSC shop is very well equipped and the staffs are very cordial, something which I did not expect at a

"THSC should be given more publicity and I would definitely spread the word." – Rani Retnam

Rani Retnam(Selangor)

21 Jul 2012

07 Jul 2012Nor Azizah Bt Mohamad (Kuala Lumpur)

Nor Azizah Bt Mohamad, Klang Lama, Kuala Lumpur 7 July 2012

"I like the customers support with your company as they are always helpful" said by the 50 year old Head of Security, Nor Azizah.

Not only that, The Hearing Solution Company team is professional from the frontline up to the audiologist.

Just keep up the great work & we are very pleased with the service from The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd.

"Keep up the good job. Your services and professionalism are very much appreciated." Nor Azizah Bt Mohamad

Nor Azizah Bt Mohamad (Kuala Lumpur)

07 Jul 2012

10 Apr 2012Lee KeeChoong (Kuala Lumpur)

Lee KeeChoong, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur 10 April 2012

I was referred to The Hearing Solution Company (THSC) by University Malaya Medical Centre (PPUM).I have been suffering from hearing loss on both ears for the last 7 years and it had only gotten worse.

I was having hearing difficulties during conversations in noisy environments as well as trying to hear female voices. I could listen to the television but I could not understand what was being said.

THSC audiologist then gave me a hearing aid trial and setting adjustment was done according to my hearing needs. After trying it for 11 days, I was very satisfied with my hearing improvement and so I decided to purchase THSC’s hearing aids. Now, I can listen to the television clearer and I can cope with conversations in noisy environments.

THSC provided me with excellent service in that they followed up my case very well and made sure that I receive the best treatment. Other than that, the staff at THSC are very friendly, making me feel comfortable and at ease. For a reasonable price, I can now hear better with the hearing aids and it is all thanks to THSC.

"I am very satisfied with the hearing aid that I have purchased and ever since I have been using it, there has been significant improvement in my hearing capabilities." – Lee KeeChoong

Lee KeeChoong (Kuala Lumpur)

10 Apr 2012

20 Feb 2012Kannamah A/P Sellappan (Selangor)

Kannamah A/P Sellappan, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 20 Feb 2012

I was suffering from hearing loss possibly due to old age. My relationship with my kids was affected as it was difficult for them to communicate with me. It was also difficult for me to listen to television and radio programs and as such, life was pretty dull back then.

I found out about The Hearing Solution Company (THSC) through the newspaper advertisement one day and I decided to go for a checkup. After using the hearing aid recommended by THSC audiologist, I can hear much better and my relationship with my kids improved tremendously. I am very happy and comfortable with the hearing aids and thanks to THSC; my life has become more meaningful.

I am very pleased with their after sale service. They will be giving free tuning for subsequent visits and the batteries are at a cheaper rate. Furthermore, with 3 years of warranty, servicing of the hearing aid is free of charge. Even though the price of the hearing aid is a little too expensive, it is definitely value for money.

"Friendly, approachable, and service-oriented staff." – Kannamah A/P Sellappan

Kannamah A/P Sellappan (Selangor)

20 Feb 2012

18 Jan 2012Lee Chuan Maw (Kuala Lumpur)

Lee Chuan Maw, Kuala Lumpur 18 Jan 2012

I was referred by an ENT Doctor to The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd for Hearing Test. Your service is excellence. I have a clear explanation; every aspect of the hearing test was explained. I was treated with respect from the audiologist there.

The soundproof room which conducted the hearing test was impressed me! It gave me a very comfortable environment. The centre is fully equipped with the latest digital equipment and the customized design of the soundproof to ensure the quality test environment.

I have no hesitation in recommending The Hearing Solution Company to everyone who needs help & advice in respect of their hearing.

"Your service is excellence."- Lee Chuan Maw

Lee Chuan Maw (Kuala Lumpur)

18 Jan 2012

01 Sep 2007Richard Lenton (United Kingdom)

Richard Lenton, Boston (UK) September 2007

 On our way back to the UK from a holiday in New Zealand we decided to stop over once again in Singapore, a city which we liked very much, in order to pick up some very competitively priced spectacles. By chance we were passing the Hearing Solution Company in Bras Basah Road and as I was dissatisfied with my current aid decided to pop in. We were accommodated almost immediately and given a very professional test. The advice was certainly as good if not better than experienced in the UK but more importantly (and this was not discovered until we returned to the UK) the hearing device was extremely competitively priced against similar models available here. The only element missing was it didn’t have a ‘loop’ facility.

Another important consideration was that the hearing device was tax free. Normally this is reclaimed from the airport customs facility but unfortunately due to an administrative error the wrong forms were handed to me by Hearing Solutions and therefore it was not possible for the customs officials to pay me back the tax element. However, having contacted Hearing solutions by e-mail they immediately admitted to the error and paid me back the tax element from their own resources straight to my bank account. This is clearly testimony to their honesty and professionalism. I therefore have no hesitation at all in recommending this Company.

If you have a hearing problem and are looking for a good quality digital aid, very competitively priced then pay them a visit and judge for yourself

Richard Lenton (United Kingdom)

01 Sep 2007

01 Aug 2007Mimi Tan (United States)

Mimi Tan, United States August 2007

My father recently obtained a Phonak hearing aid from the Hearing Solutions Group in Singapore. We came to the company under a unique circumstance. We did not have a prior appointment as we only had one extra day in Singapore before leaving for Indonesia where my father lives. I had flown from the United States to Singapore to accompany my father for a cardiologic checkup. The visit to the Hearing Solutions was not planned but it turned out to be one of the best experiences for my father who has had some natural hearing impairment due to his advanced age. He had tried to fit hearing aids at other places, but he never had good results and was not looking forward to another ordeal. However, the results after the visit to the Hearing Solutions were beyond his expectations. He walked in the store with impaired hearing that he has endured for years and walked out with significantly improved hearing with a comfortable fitting.

We credit the excellent results to the professional team at the Hearing Solutions. Without the cooperation, the professional service and the in-depth expertise of the team, it would be nearly impossible to achieve such great results in one visit for a process which usually takes about 3-4 sessions. In my father’s case, the whole process from hearing diagnose, choice of hearing instrument, fitting of the instrument and fine tuning was accomplished with one visit. It takes special endeavor to pull all things together under an extraordinary circumstance, and the team at the Hearing Solutions had just did that.

The Hearing Solutions is strategically located in a well established business area, next to the Carlton hotel in the Bras Basah Road. The time we walked in the office, we were greeted with friendly front office personnel with warm smiles. They answered all the general questions we had and made sure our short wait was as comfortable as possible. We would like to extend our special thank to Mr. Steffen Rose, the Head Audiologist whose demonstrated outstanding expertise, especially in the fitting and fine tuning of the hearing instrument. Mr. Rose has superb knowledge both the product and the implementation of each of the steps for the hearing aid. A professional and knowledgeable audiologist will make a significant difference in achieving the comfortable fitting that is easy to adapt. My father’s hearing aid fits so well that at times he does not even realize he has the hearing aid on. The adaptation of the new instrument has been easy to him. We also express our gratitude to Mr. Lawrence Tan, the Operations Manager who professionally assisted us in making our final decision with confidence. Mr. Tan also arranged to link us with the Hearing Solutions office in Indonesia (a.k.a. Alat Bantu Dengar) for future care and maintenance issues. The team at the Hearing Solutions both in Singapore and in Indonesia has been very responsive with any follow-up question we have. My father has become accustomed to the hearing aid in a short time period. Most importantly, we know we can count on the team at the Hearing Solutions for their professional service.

Mimi Tan (United States)

01 Aug 2007

01 May 2007Chan Kai Ying, Singapore

Chan Kai Ying, Singapore May 2007

There is a German say: "Lucky in unlucky situation". My unlucky situation was my 'idiopathic sudden hearing loss' overnight end November last year during my sleep. I went from 100% perfect hearing capacity to losing about 80% of my right ear hearing within six hours. After several months of treatment and various doctors, finally I came to the conclusion that I should make peace with the situation and look forward to some assistance.

The luck in this unlucky situation was that "The Hearing Solution Group" was advertised in the papers and its ad somewhat "spoke" to us, so that my husband drove me to their office same Saturday.

My initial meeting was very interesting, some tests were done and I felt well understood but the follow up meeting was the convincing point. Thanks to Steffen Rose is very professional but yet human in his way explaining, comprehending and still showing empathy for my hearing loss. Steffen explained me all pro and cons, being a Hearing Aid Acoustics Master, that there was no doubt left that I needed the Phonak Micropower IX300DSZ.

I am wearing my hearing aid daily for more than a month now and feel "safe". I believe it will help me mentally to be strong and to believe that my hearing might be able to improve. I also strongly believe that the hearing aid, which is the best model for my situation, is stimulating the hearing nerves which have survived and helps me to remain alert on my right ear. Due to my severe hearing damage it is surely irrational to believe that I can hear as good with the aid as before but it works for me in other ways as described above.

Therefore I have and will continuously recommend anyone I know who has a hearing problem to visit the Hearing Solution office in 76 Bras Basah Road #01-01 Singapore, 189558 as one say in Germany as well: "One should share good Luck/ Fortune with others". Thank you Steffen & Team and see you soon for the next post check up.

Chan Kai Ying, Singapore

01 May 2007

01 Apr 2007Michael Chin, Singapore

Michael Chin, Singapore April 2007

Michael Chin, Singapore

01 Apr 2007

James Lee Sze Min

James Lee Sze Min

James Lee Sze Min first developed middle ear infection at the age of 5 (2000) when he was in kindergarten. His middle ear infection continued to re-occur and over a period of time that had affected his hearing. In 2002, he was recommended by his ENT specialist to wear hearing aids and he had his first pair of hearing aids fitted.

During the school holiday in December 2006, James suggested to us that he would like to own a pair of ITC (In The Canal) hearing aids. We could understand him as he was growing up and would be admitted into Secondary I in 2007. For personal reason, we also felt that the ITC sets will benefit him as it minimizes curious queries from his classmates and friends.

On 29 Dec 2006 while we were at Bras Basah Road, we saw your company, Hearing Solutions and decided to walk in to enquire about the ITC aids. We were impressed by the courtesy displayed by your reception staff who kindly referred us to a Mr Lawrence. He patiently explained to us the pros and cons of ITC and BTE. We found the information provided very informative and felt comfortable enough to go ahead to obtain an ITC hearing aids for James. However, James soon found the ITC aids were not suitable for his use in the classroom environment and had difficulty getting use to wearing the ITC aids. Eventually he opted back to using his BTE set. As the ICT had been purchased, we found that it would be such a waste if not utilized. Hence, we approached the staff at Hearing Solutions for advice. We found that the staff were not only helpful but were also understanding to his problem. And not only did Hearing Solution help us find a solution to help him revert to a BT set, but have also helped him select and help him get used to the new sets. We are very touch by the service that your staff provides.

We cannot forget the patient and time your staff had given us when James needed help. Stephen, your audiologist, not only had given James his expertise, he also helped him psychologically to feel good and alright to wear his hearing aids. James, who was previously reluctant to wearing both sides of the hearing aids although he needed to, had decided to wear both sides now too. I remembered on one occasion, he told me after meeting Stephen, that he would give it a try to wear both his hearing aids. He mentioned that since Stephen was convincing and so patient with him, he would give it try. Up to date, James is wearing both sides of the aid.

We are glad to have patronized your company because you have put in so much effort to ensure James has the suitable hearing aids and support. We have no hesitation to recommend your company to anyone.

James Lee Sze Min

Gillbert Dielenberg(Taiping, Perak)

Gillbert Dielenberg(Taiping, Perak)

I had suffered from hearing loss for many years and often missed out from the conversation, which caused much consternation amongst my family members. My repeatedly uttered phrase of 'Pardon Me' was resulting in exasperated looks and finally I was persuaded to have my hearing checked out at the University Malaya Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The kind & experience staff at the UMMC referred me to The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd and I was pleasantly surprised at the very friendly and obliging service they provided. They recommended that I try the Bernafon BTE Hearing Instrument. From the first day I used this Hearing Instrument, my life has truly turned around!.

This hearing instrument is easy to use and I had saved myself from all the trouble. I am so glad that I visited The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd sooner rather than later

"From the first day I used this Hearing Instrument, my life has truly turned around!" - Gillbert Dielenberg

Gillbert Dielenberg(Taiping, Perak)

Veloo At Elappen

Veloo @ Elappen A/L Iralandri Nadar with his daughter Mani Mala Veloo(Taiping, Perak)

I am a diabetic patient aged 73, when day past by I gradually lost my hearing. My life becomes terrible and horrible in the sense that I hear nothing surrounding me either people talking, chit-chatting or whispering. Then, I was told by a doctor that I need to wear the Hearing Aids

After The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd recommended me the Phonak Hearing Aids, I do not feel any hearing problem or difficulty. I now have excellent hearing – socially, personally, at all times, even in crowded and noisy surroundings. I can enjoy my favorite TV shows, news broadcasting as well. It’s truly miraculous. My life is now carefree. I can take the public transport with no worries, especially travelled by KTM train; I can hear the train schedule announcement very clear.

I appreciated that the hearing aids help me successfully cope in the hearing world. At present, I and my hearing aids have become close friends indeed! Thanks to The Hearing Solution Company Sdn Bhd

"I appreciated that the hearing aids help me successfully cope in the hearing world. At present, I and my hearing aids have become close friends indeed!" - Veloo @ Elappen

Veloo At Elappen

Baharin B. Tahir (Ipoh, Perak)

Baharin B. Tahir(Ipoh, Perak)

I work as a fire fighter in Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad at Sultan Azlan Shah Airport, Ipoh; had detected the hearing loss since I was 30 years old. My confidence in social situations and even at home was beginning to crash; they have to talk louder with me. I started to wear the hearing aid in 2007 until now. I can communicate very well with my wife, my daughter, friends and colleagues now

Caring, understanding and knowledgeable about his profession, Norizwan is the one who has changed my ability to hear things I have not heard in years. Just a word of many thanks for the wonderful service you give me. The hearing aid that I used is very durable; it is still in good conditions after 4 years. I wish to purchase one more set of hearing aid for another side of ear soon. I will highly recommend your service to my other friends who have hearing loss

"Just a word of many thanks for the wonderful service you give me." - Baharin B. Tahir

Baharin B. Tahir (Ipoh, Perak)